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Why Should You Attend AD/PDTM 2017?


"Congratulations once again on a terrific meeting!  This really is the best meeting in the field…"

​Frank M. LaFerla, USA

"I've been pleased to participate in 4 or 5 of the AD/PD meetings. I've seen the growth…go from 300 to now 3000 and more participants. It's a testament to the quality of the scientific advancements in this area."

John Growdon, USA

"I would like to congratulate you for organizing such fantastic meeting which offers wonderful opportunity to establish research network among scholars having similar interests. My friends and I enjoy the meeting very much and benefit from the exciting meeting."

Jiawei Zhou, China

"Great meeting... A real success."

John Hardy, UK

"This was a wonderful Conference! The selection of topics was across the board. Lots of new information…
I am looking forward to the next Conference."

Zbigniew K. Wszolek, USA

"The feeling was that we were attending a most important event, which changes the way things will be done from now on. Indeed, a wonderful achievement."

Hermona Soreq, Israel

"It's one of the better if not the best Alzheimer meeting in terms of basic science and combination with translation science that I particularly like..."

Fred Van Leuven, Belgium

"I attend this conference because I think this is a nice mix of clinical and basics research so I am always learning… I think it's one of the best conferences."

Jurgen Goetz, Australia

"This is a truly fantastic conference, and I would like to be a part of this gathering next time, and the time after that, and for many more years to come…After my talk, a lot of people were stopping me in the hallways expressing their support and excitement for this new direction in PD field."

Victoria Bolotina, USA

"The recent AD/PD meeting in Nice was amazing both in its richness and in presenting new findings. 
The wide international participation in the meeting and high quality of the presentations made it a rewarding experience both to experts in the field and to students."

Daniel Michaelson, Israel

"It was a great success and it now seems to be a smoothly oiled machine that gets better as time goes by…The conference was great and the hospitality and location as always were fantastic.

David Small, Australia

"We really appreciated the very high scientific quality of the AD/PD conference."

Maï Panchal, France

"This is a great conference and you get to hear all the latest developments in Alzheimer and Parkinson research and interact with world leading scientists and clinicians in the field."

Stephanie Rainey Smith, Australia

"I truly enjoyed the conference – it was excellent.  Very high quality."

Peter J. Snyder, USA​

"The level of assistance we have here is very high and this is the ideal forum to expose this kind of research… and also to increase our experience and knowledge about this disease. If you are interested in AD or PD, this is the place to be."

Enrique De Font-Reaulx, Mexico

"This is a great meeting for collaborating with other researchers, for seeing what research other people are doing in the same area…"

Susan Hendricks, USA

"The conference was excellent – I really enjoyed it so much as always! But this time much more optimistic news and promising progress!"

Irena Rektorova, Czech Republic

"AD/PD has always been a very good conference focussing on Parkinson disease and I am doing Parkinson disease research and it's always a very good conference to have the most important topics of the field in one spot…."

Tim Barkles, USA​

"It is by far the best meeting integrating AD and PD and even more. The high level is really impressive. Thanks again."

Rivka Inzelberg, Israel

"I learned so much, established new collaborations and have new projects in the works already… I look forward with eager anticipation to AD/PD 2017!"

Donna Wilcock, USA

"For me the ADPD is unique because of the combination of data on pre-clinical and clinical studies and research."

Enchi Liu, USA

"I would like to congratulate you warmly for the great success of the ADPD in Nice."

Frederic Checler, France​

"Thank you again for organizing an excellent conference- we look forward to the next conference in 2017!"

Lesley McRae, USA

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